San Francisco 2013

a beautiful day at Land's End State Park in San Francisco

New York is the best "city". San Francisco might be the best place to live, though.


The following are the places I ate during my 6.5 days in San Francisco in late June:

  1. Burmese Star
  2. Tartine
  3. Cafe Sophie
  4. Nizario's Pizza
  5. La Oaxaqueña
  6. Ike's Sandwiches
  7. Bob's Doughnuts
  8. Morning Due Cafe
  9. Craftsman and Wolves
  10. La Punchita's Pupuseria
  11. Marcella's Lasagneria
  12. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
  13. Nopa
  14. Bi-Rite Creamery
  15. Peetz Coffee
  16. Boccalone Salumeria
  17. Giordano Bros (where I had a turkey sandwich filled with coleslaw, provolone, and french fries)
  18. Los Pericos in Gilroy
  19. North Beach Pizza

Things I Saw

view of big sur from highway 1
  1. A gaze of raccoons atop Twin Peaks at midnight
  2. The Legion of Honor Museum
  3. Elepath Studio #002
  4. Museum of Craft and Design
  5. Heath Ceramics
  6. A eagle eating carrion
  7. A wild kestrel fly across the sky in Big Sur
  8. Two eagles calling to their baby at Land's End State Park