Ideas that Came Unto Me Seeking Names

Underside of a bridge over the River Thames

I am but the vessel upon which these ideas lighted in their quest for linguistic corporality.

Meekend: noun
A weekend night (or nights) that you intentionally keep free in order hangout alone and recuperate after a long week.
Failurestone: noun
A occurrence that initially appears to be negative but eventually results in a far greater outcome.
Threepover: noun or verb
A sleepover with three participants; no sexual connotation.
Apartment Survivor: noun
The competition that ensues after you move into a new place and no one will put the utilities in their name; the winner is whoever can endure frigid showers and no electricity longest.
Wandersploring: verb
A method of discovery that consists of wandering around with no plan and following an emergent strategy of where to go and what to see based on whatever looks interesting.