2012 Retrospective

ocean spray at montauk point state park

My desire is to live life "deliberately". 2012 was a great year because I changed in some significant ways.

The big changes:

  1. I started exercising regularly. This changed my life.
  2. I started eating more foods that were good for me and less of the bad.
  3. I read more.
  4. I measured more of my life.
  5. I realized certain things didn't make me happy.
  6. I really liked myself.

Here's a quick recap

Oh, since I wrote in my journal 271 days out of 365 (something like 74.25% of the time), that means this year's "quick recap" can no longer be termed "quick". But I digress...

In 2012 I:

Showed Brooke how to do New York "right"; went undefeated in Canasta against Brenda (Canasta is a lot like the Bridge except it requires no math, no skill, and you can learn it and 20 minutes and beat someone who's been playing their whole life); had some questions I created go viral at speed dating; Jesse and Brenda came to Philly and tasted the magic of Amish pretzels and cheese steaks; had a "Loaded Questions goodbye" with the imitable Clint Long; said goodbye forever to an ex and we're both better off because of it; went to some institute classes; progressed a lot at work; ate a lot of Lomo Saltado; went to the temple more consistently than I've ever done before; loved a girl; learned a lot about mental (un)health; kicked it with Katie Lumen in New York; asked a few girls out; got asked out a few times; went back to where I was born; went to trivia night at a bar and hated it; had some friend sleepovers (different beds, again); saw Elder Jensen of the presidency of the Seventy speak; had some prayers answered in miraculous ways; mourned the loss of Whitney; I met Alex Bogusky and Stefan Sagmeister at a start up pitch conference where Umar Haique told me I did a bad job; went to the MOMA a bunch; went to the Burger Joint a bunch; did two dates in one day; confessed to licking someone's eyeball; had a picnic in the lobby of the Ace Hotel; saw an armless man play the drums; got yelled at for sitting on a fake cow in Chelsea Market; broke into the Sheep's Meadow in Central park; kissed two girls; fell asleep and got called out for it during Jessica Hische's talk at FIT (sorry Jessica!); tried to watch the sunrise; finally built a apparatus so my bed is inhabitable in summer/winter (no more sleeping on the floor!); went to the Hamptons  went to did temple work for my ancestors; heard Elder porter speak; used my priesthood; went to Jaewon's wedding; learned to use GitHub; found out McCall is addicted to Doritos Tacos Loco; went to some Skillshare classes; took a nap in the "Whale Room" of the Natural History museum; Juventus won the Scudetto; walked the Highline a bunch of times; went to Tom Sach's Mars exhibit at the Armory; went to the ER at 1am because of a rice pudding-filled empenada, but left because they were taking forever; started and stopped drinking Kombucha; Went to the reception of Matthew and Nicole Williams; learned from Matthew and Nicole Williams that I CAN be friends with people even after they get married; spoke on Mothers Day; taught primary once; met the 1998 Tennessee Walking Horse world champion; went to portland Oregon; attended my first and last bachelor party (that is actually not as true as I wish it was); watched Andy Laugenour get married and was sort of OK with it; went to Bethany Beach; broke up on a train; took the Brooklyn Water Taxi; cat-sat a hairless cat and administered seizure medication; had a "hotel-over" with Andy in New York at the Standard in Cooper Square; rode the Staten Island Ferry; lost a hackathon; made some websites; had a "hotel-over" with Brooke at the Ace Hotel (I recommend it); went on a few four-stop dinners; had a lot of "mekends"; had another "Loaded Questions goodbye", this time for Ollie Wallis before he went to Ireland (but he came back!); saw Beasts of the Southern Wild twice; saw the Coney Island hotdog eating competition and lost faith in America; went to Governor's Island; discovered the "sesame pancake" at prosperity Dumpling; ate a few McFlurrys; went to Crystal Cave with Dane and McCall, crushed them in minigolf, and then went to Daniel Boone's homestead all in one day; went to paris; saw the Musée d'Orsay and the Eiffel Tower; went to Geneva, Switzerland, saw the Jetty and had a McRoyale with cheese; went to Montpellier, France and finished the Book of Mormon on the shores of the Mediterranean (then realized the beach I was at was a "top-tional" beach); had duck and fois gras; drove across France 1.5 times in three days; went to Barcelona, Spain and saw the Sagrada Familia; saw Arturo and Rebecca Gutierrez, the prado, and watched McCall and Dillon gorge themselves on churros in Madrid, Spain; went to Toledo, Spain and missed our train back; went to Fashion Night Out; went to Boston and Vermont for Jon Campbell Copp's wedding; helped Brenda move; spoke in the Harlem ward and instagrammed a picture from the stand; was accused on Facebook of creating "perverted websites"; finally joined a gym and began to exercise; saw the Texans whip up on the Jets (TEBOW!); got a root canal and a crown lengthening (the crown lengthening was 10x worse); hosted a Kate Greubel visit; watched Rob move out; watch Rob move back in; watched Rob move back out; was seduced by the scent of a woman; lived through Sandy; delivered a pigeon into the arms of its executioner; got addicted to cornbread (consumed it 20 times in 30 days); quit corn bread cold turkey; watched a lot of cop-dramas; saw the amazing Extreme Raptors show with pat Koelling and Skyler Stevenson; went back to Fire Island; had all my Kinder Eggs confiscated at customs; waded in Walden pond; watched McCall crush it at soccer; had some tough family conversations; said goodbye to the only grandma I had left; watched Adventure Time with Dillon and McCall; helped clean up the Rockaways; realized that Caitlin Nobile is me in the past; had Ledo's pizza again; saw the Eagles lose, again; helped give Dillon the Melchizedek priesthood; wrote an epistle on how to make a make out play list; went to South Carolina to see Tanner graduate; checked out Charleston, South Carolina (verdict: cool, but inferior to New Orleans); took a carriage ride; finally tried Zaxby's fried chicken; was able to take care of my brother Tyson; explored the Greenwood Cemetery in the rain; went to some horrid parties.

Places Visited:

  1. Portland, OR
  2. Lewes, DE x2
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Silver Spring, MD
  5. Paris, France
  6. Montpellier, France
  7. Cessy, France
  8. Geneva, Switzerland
  9. Barcelona, Spain
  10. Madrid, Spain
  11. Toledo, Spain
  12. Boston, MA
  13. Manchester, VT
  14. Hyde Park, NY x2
  15. The Hamptons, NY

Guests Hosted:

  1. Andy Laugenour
  2. Brooke Camit
  3. Kate Greubel
  4. Katie Lumen x2
  5. Charlotte Haynie
  6. Dillon Rogers

Books Read:

A linked title connotes my endorsement.

  1. East of Eden by John Steinbeck
  2. Danny Champion of the World by Rohl Dahl
  3. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
  4. How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen
  5. A Thousand Miles, a Million Years by Donald Miller
  6. Love Does by Bob Goff
  7. Into the Wild by John Kraekaur
  8. Real Love by Greg Baer
  9. The Book of Mormon
  10. Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor
  11. Elements of Style by William J. Strunk jr and E.B. White
  12. A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde [A short play, but whatever]
  13. 1913 by Oliver DeMille
  14. Deceit, Desire and the Novel by Rene Girard
  15. The Message by Lance Richardson

What I Learned

  1. Renee Girard's
  2. "Deceit, Desire and the Novel" was my second favorite book of the year (after the perennial winner—The Book of Mormon) because it helped me understand how my desires affect my happiness. Expect more on this soon. 
  3. I learned that other people don't have life any more figured out which is really comforting.

What Does 2013 Hold?

I have no idea, but I hope it looks something like this: 

Places to Visit:

  1. Montreal, Canada
  2. Big Sur, Ca
  3. Savannah, GA
  4. Ireland
  5. Portland, OR
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Chicago, IL

In 2013, I am going to create and do things that help people.