2011 Retrospective

canal streetcar line in new orleans

Did some stuff, went some places, saw some things.

At the end of 2010 I said: "Thoreau wrote in Walden that he went to the woods to "live deliberately." I came to New York to get a speaking part in my own play." I don't know how much of that I accomplished (any important themes from this year aren't yet apparent to me), but there were some providential events which helped me grow greatly and will help me to achieve the life I know I am capable of living.

Here's a quick recap

(And by recap, I mean exhaustive list)

Switched from freelance to full time; Lunchbox found out what the pros are like when he came to the Mainline for a little 4th of July R&R; Clint kicked it in Philly and had two pies inside two cakes combined into one awesome thing; I wrote and shot a Red Lobster commercial; became mayor of the Marcy Projects (Jay Z's boyhood home) when we shot a DVD in the Hasidic part of Brooklyn; lost said mayorship; found out that the Brooklyn Heights promenade existed; took part in the First annual Threekend with Lunchbox and Sam; invented the "Me-kend" (where you stay home intentionally on a Friday/Saturday night); accidentally went to Queens once; did six pull ups in a row; left advertising; joined a startup; said bye bye to Grandma (and ate both KFC and Popeyes that day); was blessed with the knowledge of Sam Cooke's music; went to Maná with Karina; showed Skyler what it means to be a real American when he visited Treeline Dr; saw the Francis Alys exhibit multiple times at the MOMA and found my voice; repeatedly went to Kesté (and ordered their signature pizza, the Kesté); I finally saw the Philadelphia Union play; got my ear bit; saw some sick homeless stuff; ran my first competitive race (128th place out of 150); met some great people at work whom I hope stay in my life—on the other side of the coin I saw 30% of my closest friends abandon me to engagement or marriage; ate fried pickles and fried mac and cheese; got stuck on the new Highline during a lightning storm; went through two art directors; spent some of the happiest hours of my life with McCall and my family; saw a dead mole in the nature preserve; actually started liking Cookie; some cousins got married; reported on the Casey Anthony verdict via twitter; found out my sister is addicted to HGTV; slept on the floor for 40% of the year; saw 0 concerts (not a good thing); watched a lot of soccer; made some new jokes; saw Harvard Sailing Team; someone I taught got married; tried collard greens; explored Craigtown with Dane; held my breath for 2 minutes 26.2 seconds; started getting my steaks 'medium'; finally accepted that Dane is better at go karting than I am; saw Hanson live; asked some girls out; got asked out a few times; realized my favorite board game is Loaded Questions; survived hurricane Irene; felt like a kid as I slid on a slide; conquered northern Central Park; had cider doughnuts and pretzel bread; swore off consumerism (for a month or so); fell back in love with consumerism; saved money; had some friendly sleepovers (don't worry mom, different beds); passed institute; bore my testimony frequently; got to participate in a baptism; saw three (3!) apostles speak; made some posters; made a website; saw the Sartorialist; touched a hairless cat; survived the temporary closure of my favorite museum book store (I'll wait for you, Copper Hewitt Museum Store); ate a fair amount of crack pie; saw Juventus win in Brooklyn; got the sickest birthday poster ever from Andy; attempted to see Bryce Harper play 1A ball (but instead saw 2 minor league games); took a 6 hour Ikea trip; saw Messi and Argentina vs USA; witnessed Thiago's rise to brilliance when Barca played United in DC; saw Payton Hillis lose to the Ravens; went to the Big East tourney with Clint and Arturo; swore against Apples to Apples; saw a somewhat drunk Tony Danza on the train; saw Liv Tyler on the street; watched some movies with my friends via twitter; explored Tribeca; fell in love with Brooklyn Heights; finally got to talk to Maria Elena and Vianey; wrote 922 tweets; took a train to New Orleans with Tanner where we ate like kings; went to the NOLA zoo and aquarium; rode the St. Charles street car; and went back to NYC for new years; went to some parties (kinda not my thing, which I write with some irony as I'm on the way to a new years party); and lived a year in one single place for the first time in since I graduated high school in 2004.

Places Visited:

  1. Fire Island, NY
  2. Silver Spring, MD
  3. Park City, UT
  4. New Orleans, LA

Whoops! That is a really short list. In 2012, I'd like to at least triple the number of places I visit

Books Read:

A linked title connotes my endorsement.

  1. Once again I was changed by The Book of Mormon.
  2. The Steve Jobs biography
  3. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Cialdini
  4. It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden
  5. The Intelligent Investor
  6. And most of 'Suttree' (which I won't finish because it is messed up).

Here is what I'd like to do in 2012

  1. Get 10,000 people named Chad involved in Chads for Chad
  2. Build a successful product that helps people
  3. Build something with my hands

Places to Visit:

  1. Bike across Ireland
  2. See Juventus play in Turin, Italy
  3. Visit a friend on the border in California
  4. See someone who means a lot to me in Tlaxcala, Mexico
  5. North Carolina
  6. Big Sur, CA
  7. Montreal? Japan? (Maybe Japan is 2013)

I'd like 2012 to be a year of creation and one where I make the life I want to live. (Here is the 2012 Retrospective)