Apartment Survivor

iron man costume

Ironman. Halloween, 2010

Season two of "Apartment Survivor" early January 9th

Season one had ended abruptly after two grueling weeks of icy showers, manipulation (mostly Garrett), half-truths (Garrett again), deception (Garrett), and fiery tempers as Taylor capitulated in typical young ambassador fashion, putting both the gas and power bills in his name.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Apartment Survivor, it goes a little like this: When you move into an apartment, someone must place the utilities in their name. Due to the stranglehold that pride has on man's heart, no one will suffer the inconvenience of collecting money from the others to pay the bills while his roommates have nary a care in the world (save watching The Hills and dating multiple 18-year-old girls—not naming names though).

Those two long weeks in season one when no one would put the gas in their name were not easy—each morning was greeted with a cringe as we braved (not all at once) the veritable ice storm that descended from yonder shower head. Leaving the bathroom in a towel (and mild hypothermia) was more than poor Taylor could bare; he called the power company and the next day a nice man came over and lit our fire (literally).

Then, on the 6th of January, something tragic happened... Taylor moved out! Unhappy with our kitchen's constant disarray (we all thought it was silly he was so hard on the kitchen. I mean, it's just a kitchen) and the inability for he and Adam's toilet seat to stay attached when faced with whatever they did behind closed doors. We were all happy to see Taylor go, but all was not well. Three days later, as Adam and I readied ourselves for school, the power went out... Apartment Survivor, season two, had begun.