The Adventure List

Bushkill falls, the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania

To Do

If you'd like to do one of these or any other adventure, just send me an email of what you'd like to do and when you're available. My email provider is gmail, so just put charlesrogers@ in front of that.

North Eastern Adventures

  1. Watercolor classes
  2. Go Birding in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
  3. Capture a Red-Tailed Hawk (with a licensed falconer, obvi)
  4. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  5. New York (Bronx) Botanical Garden
  6. Falling Water
  7. Usonia
  8. Camp in Montauk
  9. See islands off cost of Long Island
  10. Block Island
  11. Maine
  12. Southern Lake Champlain
  13. Fly fish the Catskills
  14. Mohonk Mountain // Shawangunk Mountains
  15. Cumberland Mountains
  16. Spa Castle
  17. Minisink Archaeological Site

Western Adventures

  1. See the Bad Lands
  2. Pecos National Park
  3. Go Fossil Hunting

Southern Adventures

  1. Swamp boat expedition
  2. Spear fishing

International Adventures

  1. Live in Japan for 3 months
  2. Motorcycle through Spain or Vietnam


These are worthy adventures I've done. Would likely do them again if asked.

  1. See Royale Tennenbaum's House
  2. Raft & possibly trespass on Bannerman's Castle
  3. Breakneck Mountain
  4. Wave Hill
  5. Hike in Berkshire Taconic country
  6. Visit Connecticut Tidelands and watch osprey
  7. Take the train from New York City to Montreal, Canada and back
  8. Take the train to New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. Take the train from Salt Lake City, Utah to San Francisco, California
  10. Visit Gatorworld in Florida
  11. Safari in Kenya
  12. Run from Machu Picchhu to Aguas Calientes, Peru
  13. Fly fish in Alaska with bears (x2)
  14. Hike up Zion's Landing; run back down
  15. Attend the Raptor Project's Extreme Raptor Show at Riverbank State Park
  16. International Contemporary Furniture Fair (x2)
  17. Bike the Gap of Dunloe (where we saw a river otter) in Kerry, Ireland
  18. Take the train from Aarhus, Denmark, to Stockholm, Sweden
  19. Hike in Valley of Fire State Park (inadvisable in the height of summer)
  20. Visit Bushkill Falls, the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania
  21. See Waiting for Godot
  22. See a Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  23. Pottery Class
  24. Woodworking classes